Green Initiative

Here at OK Auto, 4WD & Tire, being more aware of our carbon footprint is a no brainer. As outdoor enthusiast, we strive to make concious decisions throughout our daily workday to decrease our impact on the environment. Below are some of the things we have done:

Solar Power

Starting in late 2011, the project to become 100% solar dependent started. After many months of work, the switch was flipped on March 6th, 2012. On sunny days, we will be 100% dependant on solar energy. On days where the sun can't break through the clouds, our batteries, which has been filled by the suns rays will keep us running until we are out. At that time, we are switched back to the grid.

You may check out what we are currently generating at:


We strive to limit uneccasary waste in all we do.  We recycle our cardboard, paper, glass, and metal products.  We recycle scrap metals and tires in our shop and heat our shop with recycled waste oil that we accumulate throughout the year.  We ship our products using recycled pallets, cardboard and packing material whenever possible.